Powerful Coaching that Drives Results

Trusted CEO Advisor. Ex-COO. MBA.

26 Years of Leadership Experience in Global Organizations.

I am a trusted advisor to CEOs. I chair multiple CEO peer groups through Mackay CEO Forums. I am nominated for Canada’s 2020 CEO Trusted Advisor Awards in the category of Advisors to Executives of Medium to Large Businesses (revenues $5million to $1 Billion+).

Would you like to have me in your corner? I am also a...

Certified Executive & Business Coach. Highly-Rated Speaker.

Award-Winning Customer Service Expert. Productivity Geek.

I can help you in many areas such as leadership, business, strategy, productivity, customer service, building and leading high-performing teams, career, and fulfillment in all the interconnected areas of life.

The value of having a coach


Dramatically Improve your Leadership

Lead yourself with a responsible mindset

Be incisively decisive


Prioritize with confidence

Inspire people to achieve great things

Master the elusive art of accountability


A Trusted Advisor
in Your Corner

Access my 26 years of global leadership experience. Learn from
my success AND mistakes.

It's lonely at the top. Have an external sounding board and someone with a fresh perspective to
help you


Exceed Goals with Confidence and
Low Anxiety

Learn how to be astonishingly productive

External accountability helps you stay on the path

Extend your confidence while driving down anxiety

Challenge yourself to

think big


Increase Your Feeling of Fulfillment in Life

Success is ephemeral, while Fulfillment is lasting

Life is interconnected. Business, Health, Wealth, Family - these areas all affect each other

Increase your performance in business by strengthening your fulfillment in interconnected areas


"I needed space to think out loud and hear myself. COLIN IS A GREAT LISTENER AND ASKED EXCELLENT QUESTIONS THAT HELPED ME FIND MY OWN ANSWERS. He provided good insight for me on running my business even more effectively."


Coaching sessions are confidential.

You will feel like a priority.  
There is no judgement.

At the same time, I am more than a cheerleader who helps you celebrate your successes.

I will challenge you to think big, to keep focused on those most important goals, and to not get
dragged down into busy-work.

I will listen. People often tell me it's my superpower.