How To Find Fulfillment in Your Life, One Area at a Time

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

How fulfilled are you in life? Do you wake up energized and excited to face the challenges of the day? Or do you wake up with anxiety, cynical about the day and dreading the "crap" you're going to have to face? I'm a big proponent of finding what fulfills you in life and spending your time doing it. Life is too short to spend hating what you do every day. I was fortunate that at 15 years old, I started working at Electronic Arts. It was a perfect mix of my passions at the time: technology, sports, and video games. I noticed that many other working teenagers and adults hated their jobs. I couldn't understand why people would stay stuck in a job they hated. Since leaving EA, I've always held a standard of loving the work I do. When I have lost that, I've taken steps to change my situation and get back to feeling fulfilled in my work.

Life is more than just your career

A common trap we fall into is focusing so much on our careers that we compromise or sacrifice the other important areas of life: health, family, marriage. We are all at different stages of life, with different competing demands on our time. No matter the stage, I believe it is important to consider your whole life and not just your career. All of these areas of life are interrelated. For example, if you are having marital problems at home, it often encroaches on your ability to perform at your best in your career.

The Wheel of Life

One thing you can do to better understand what fulfills you is completing the Wheel of Life. First created by Paul J. Meyer, this exercise is widely used in coaching today. This exercise asks you to rate how fulfilled you are today in the major areas of life:

  • Physical Environment

  • Career

  • Family and Friends

  • Significant Other/ Romance

  • Fun and Recreation

  • Health

  • Money

  • Personal Growth

How fulfilled are you today?

To take stock of how fulfilled you are today, complete the Wheel of Life exercise. The key question to answer is "How fulfilled am I, today, in this area of life?" Rate each of the areas on the wheel from 1 to 10, where 1 = very unfulfilled and 10 = highly fulfilled. You can print this wheel and draw it, or you could just write down the life areas and record your score.

What one area of life do you want to improve this month? What action will you take?

Once you have your scores for how fulfilled you are today, rate each area again with how fulfilled you want to feel at the end of a time period (I'm suggesting here a time period of one month). It's unrealistic to move all areas to 10 at the same time. My mentor Alan Weiss often says, "Move one thing forward a mile, not a thousand things forward an inch." Which one area do you want to focus on improving this month? What actions are you going to take this month to make progress? I would love to hear from you! Please message me directly at, or schedule a complimentary 30-minute session to discuss your results.

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