What We Can Learn from Speed Golfers about Getting Things Done Faster

Lauren Cupp is a special kind of golfer. A few weeks ago, Lauren shot a one-under-par 72. On an 18-hole course. In 50 minutes and 48 seconds!

Think about that for a moment. A typical 18-hole round of golf takes ~4 hours, and most people wouldn’t even come close to a par score. How did Lauren shoot under par, and also complete the course in under an hour?

Lauren is an exceptionally talented speed golfer. In speed golf, your score is a combination of your golf score and the time it takes to complete the course. Speed golfers take a shot, run quickly to where the ball lands, and play their next shot. Without all the fussing, waiting, and lining up of the shot.

What speed golf shows is a break from convention. Conventional golfers take a good amount of time to line up shots.

But what if you don’t need all that time?

When you think about your work, where might you break convention and speed things up? Because time is often your most precious resource.

One area might be your interview process. Some organizations have overly complicated processes with eight rounds of interviews! Conventional wisdom is “hire slow, fire fast”. But that doesn’t mean it makes sense to have eight rounds of interviews when two will do.

Speed golfers simplify. For example, they typically carry just five clubs: driver, putter, wedge, six iron, nine iron. A normal golfer carries a maximum of 14 clubs. Simplifying the selection (and weight to carry) down to five clubs is a massive benefit for the speed golfer.

Speed golfers aim to hit the ball generally straight, but not perfect. Sometimes we aim for perfection, which is the enemy of excellence.

Check out the video above for a glimpse into the world of speed golf

Where in your work is it unnecessary to aim for perfection, and aiming for generally straight will speed you up?

Think about Lauren when you need the inspiration to get things done faster.

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