Stephen Hawking was (Partially) Incorrect, and Here's Why

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

I found the quote above from the late Stephen Hawking, obviously one of the most brilliant minds ever on the planet. Why would I say he was (partially) incorrect? I have a confession to make: I love learning. At times, probably too much. Taken too far, you can distract yourself from doing anything productive by spending too much of your time learning, reading, or attending conferences or webinars. Look, I'm not against any of those efforts. Learning is highly valuable. But what I sometimes come across, and I've certainly been guilty of, is not applying learning. What I think is better than "reading and gaining more and more knowledge" is applying that knowledge. This is the typical adult learning sequence: learn something, practice it, observe what happens, and decide to apply it to your job or life (or not). And of course, Stephen Hawking took action. He wrote A Brief History of Time and several works of popular science, despite his ALS, including loss of speech, among many other achievements. Where in your life do you have an opportunity to apply something you've "learned" so that you actually learn by doing? Whether it’s something valuable or interesting that you learn from this newsletter or another source, I want you to not just passively learn, but also apply that learning. What one learning can you apply this month to improve your leadership? Here’s a quick list of ideas to help if you need inspiration:

  • Improve how you chair meetings, driving efficiency

  • Improve how you connect to and inspire your people

  • Create a vision of success for the rest of 2020 (for you and/or your business/team)

  • Be more decisive

  • Delegate more

  • Get more organized and productive - tame email and calendar issues

  • Implement a rhythm of running your business or team

Coaching is one powerful way to support turning learning into action. If you could use a complimentary 30-minute coaching session with me, click here to schedule. I will help you navigate your ideas, select one thing to improve this month and hold you accountable. All at no cost.

Are you ready to dive in?

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