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I help you and your team be highly productive.

Trusted CEO Advisor. Ex-COO. MBA. Certified Executive & Business Coach.

Highly-Rated Speaker. Award-Winning Customer Service Expert. Productivity Nerd.

I am an expert in helping you and your organization be highly productive.

I have 26 years of experience leading in global organizations to bring to you.

Typical Client Results

  • Increasing Revenue & Profitability

  • Reducing Waste of Time, Effort, Costs

  • Highly Productive, Engaged, and Aligned Teams

  • Exceeding Project Goals While Reducing Failure Work

  • Leading with Increased Confidence, Decision Making and Prioritizing

  • Reducing Stress While Maintaining the Pressure Needed to Keep Corporate Adrenaline Flowing

  • Feeling in Control of Your Work While Reducing Anxiety

to discuss how I can help you achieve these results through coaching, consulting, speaking and workshops.



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