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About Colin

Passionate about helping you grow:

your business, and yourself


I am an expert in helping leaders move themselves and their organizations forward. Sometimes this means driving profitable growth, and sometimes it's about forward momentum - even when growth isn't what you need right now. I offer consulting, coaching, strategy facilitation, and speaking & workshops. Typical client results include:

  • Increased profit

  • Decreased waste - of time, of costs

  • Clearer vision, with a practical execution plan to achieve it

  • Higher productivity of personnel

  • Exceptional relationships with your customers

Productivity is one of my key focus areas. I have been coaching the executive suite and leaders across all levels of management on productivity for over 10 years, including one-to-one coaching, group workshops and speaking engagements.

Customer Service is another. My team at Rackspace was recognized as the best Customer Service team in the entire UK as the B2B category and overall category winner at the UK National Customer Service Awards.

I have over 26 years of experience in organizations. This includes seven years in the executive suite as Chief Operating Officer for Demonware, the online studio for Activision, as well as leadership roles at Rackspace and Electronic Arts.
I have worked in Canada, the UK, and Ireland. I have an MBA from the Open University in the UK. I live in North Vancouver, with my wife and three rambunctious boys. 

One of my main passions in life is the sport of (ice) hockey. I have always considered myself, and modelled my game after, the set-up person. I've dished out many assists on the ice, helping others score brilliant goals. This is really the core of who I am, and I bring this essence to my work with leaders and organizations.