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“Communicate like a Pro” is an online course that provides practical tools and strategies for effective leadership communication.

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Gain more Credibility
Accelerate your Professional Image

Increase Productivity
Assure Consistent

Build Trust
Maintain Strong Business Relationships

Without clear communication, leaders get ignored.
Do you?

When your communication skills don't grow...

Your employees’ productivity suffers

Most of your meetings are perceived as pointless & boring

You lose credibility & trust in the organization

There is high employee turnover in the teams you lead

You are stuck at the same leadership level, not getting promoted

You are frustrated with not being able to influence others effectively

Developing strong communication skills should be one of the leader’s top priorities. 

However, most don’t know how to communicate so that people pay attention. 


“Communicate like a Pro” will show you how to become a great and respected communicator that motivates and inspires others.

Improve Your Communication Today

With the “Communicate like a Pro” course, you will learn how to:

clear and resonating messages that people listen to, understand, and act upon.

more effective and structured team meetings where people engage actively

comprehensive and appealing emails, presentations, and corporate notes

on stage and present your ideas in a clear way

substantial work and personal relationships

and inspire others, so together you can achieve aspirational goals

Gain the skills Needed to Interact Effectively at Various Organizational Levels

This course is designed for:


Middle Managers

First-time Leaders

Improving your communication skills is EASY!

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Improve Your Communication Today

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build yourself a successful career path

Communicate Like a Pro



  • Pay once, access forever
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Communicate Like a Pro



  • Pay once, access forever
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Testimonials / What people are saying

These people attended my live Executive Communication Skills workshop. Here is what they had to say:

Alana Martens

CFO, Fraser Valley Building Supplies

I can honestly say it’s the most tangible and relevant information I’ve received in a session of this kind.

There are so many direct takeaways that I brought out of our time together. It was very timely with where I am at in my career.

Patrick Finucane

Managing Director, CEM Advisory

Colin delivers outstanding content, masterfully presented through thought-provoking exercises.

Very highly recommended.

Julia Boyle

Executive Director, AutismBC

Colin’s workshop challenged me to think strategically and mindfully about how I communicate and operate.

This workshop was a great reminder of who I can be as a leader if I pause and reflect before jumping into action.

Good communication skills are no longer just nice to have. They’re a must-have.


Hi, I’m Colin. 

Having 20+ years of experience in leadership roles, I know that mastering your communication skills is critical to your professional success. 

Unfortunately, most leaders take communication for granted and assume that what they mean and say is what gets heard. 

All goes undiscovered until a serious miscommunication problem appears. Yet the costs are clear. Your credibility and image start to suffer, costing the company a lot of money. 

I’ve created a “Communicate like a Pro” course to share with you everything I’ve learned over the years that helped me become a great communicator. 

Don’t settle for just ok communication skills. Instead, take my course and become the leader people listen to, respect, and follow.


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