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Here is what some friends say:

"Dude, Super Star DJ, lived in multiple countries, shipped Call of Duty, 100% extreme ownership, backwoods monster 4x4 in the jeep, drives an electric car, can end people on the ice (hockey), Eurasian kids.  Do I need to go on? Your current description just doesn't do your brand justice."



Meet Colin Cox, a remarkable individual who embodies the essence of leadership and expertise. With over 26 years of international experience in the dynamic realm of technology companies and 7 years as the Chief Operating Officer for Demonware, the online studio for Activision, a global video game publisher, he has honed his skills as a CEO/executive coach, CEO peer group chair, and trusted authority in the field of leadership. He has also worked across Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. This exposure to diverse cultures and business landscapes has enriched his perspective and given him a well-rounded understanding of global markets.

Colin's dedication to continuous growth is evident through his academic pursuits. He holds an esteemed Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the prestigious Open University in the United Kingdom. This academic achievement serves as a testament to his commitment to excellence and intellectual curiosity.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Colin finds solace and joy in the nurturing embrace of his family. He resides in the picturesque city of North Vancouver, where he shares a fulfilling life with his loving wife and three rambunctious boys.

Colin Cox



He is passionate about helping people reach their full potential, both professionally and personally. He lives this passion by chairing two CEO peer groups, coaching CEOs and executives individually, running leadership development experiences privately and publicly, and speaking on a variety of leadership topics.

Wide Industry Experience

He supports leaders today and companies across many industries, including technology, civil engineering, power transmission and distribution, commercial real estate, animated film production, financial services, and more. His role as chair of CEO peer groups exposes him to a wide variety of industries.


Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree
Certified executive coach (ICF, CTI).
Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) 360 and CliftonStrengths certified
Million Dollar Consulting Hall of Fame inductee (October 2022)


Family man
Skier and snowboarder
Mountain biker
Jeep off-roader
Electric vehicle enthusiast
Hockey coach and player
Brazilian jiu-jitsu
Dog lover